Zion Williamson Thinks The Pelicans Can Win A Title This Year


Zion Williamson has been one of the hyped-up prospects of all-time and because of this, there are a ton of expectations for him as he begins his journey with the New Orleans Pelicans. The first overall pick in this year’s draft seems to be confident about his abilities and considering how passionate he is about the sport, there is no denying that his potential can be fulfilled with the proper training. Zion recently did an interview with Complex where he spoke about his new team and what his future is going to be like moving forward.

“Growing up, I loved what Kobe [Bryant] did and Dirk [Nowitzki] did,” Williamson explained. “My intentions are to stay with the Pelicans my whole career.”

On the surface, it sounds like Zion’s intentions with the Pelicans are pure, although it will be interesting to see if he can fulfill that statement. Sometimes, it’s not up to the player as to whether or not they stay with a franchise as plans change and so do opinions. If things don’t work out with the Pelicans, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him moved, although this would surely be a worst-case scenario.

Zion Williamson Thinks The Pelicans Can Win A Title This Year

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Williamson also went on to say that he believes the Pelicans have an opportunity to win a championship this season, although he doesn’t want to make any huge predictions. “I would say I think the ceiling is [a] championship,” Zion said. “But I have to be realistic about this. I have high expectations for us, but you gotta see how we’re gonna work.”

With Zion now in the league, this season is about to get interesting.