Zion Williamson Teases Pelicans Fans With Scintillating Dunk: Watch


Zion Williamson was the first overall pick in this year’s NBA Entry Draft and there are a ton of expectations for him to come out and be one of the best players in the league, right off the bat. Williamson’s size and athleticism is something that is pretty unique and fans throughout the league want to see how it will all translate to the court. Pelicans fans were able to get a glimpse of Zion during Summer League, albeit for only nine minutes before he was taken out due to a knee injury. Williamson hasn’t seen any game action since then and will only be able to enter a game as of preseason.

With the season on the horizon, all of the rookies got to participate in a photo and video shoot and, of course, Zion was the main attraction. In the video below, Zion can be seen pulling off an impressive dunk and doesn’t seem to skip a beat. 

Based on this new video, it seems as though Zion’s knee is coming along quite nicely and will end up being ready to go come the preseason. This video might not prove much, but it should stand as an indication of what’s to come as Zion looks to establish himself as a star in the league moving forward.