Zion Williamson Geeks Out Over Signed Drew Brees Jersey: Watch


Zion Williamson achieved his childhood dream last Thursday when he was drafted into the NBA with the first overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans. Williamson is one of the most exciting prospects in quite some time and many believe he could be what turns the Pelicans into a contender for an NBA Championship. Now that Anthony Davis has moved on, the Pelicans need all the talent they can get and Zion certainly has the power and athleticism to turn the tides.

Today, the Pelicans posted a video on Twitter of Zion being welcomed into a hotel room in New Orleans where he is settling in. As he walks into the room, he realizes that there is a framed signed Drew Brees jersey waiting for him in the bedroom. Williamson was visibly excited by the gift and the note that came with it which is symbolic of how Zion is the next generation of New Orleans superstars.

There are no guarantees that Zion will live up to the hype but he will surely bring a lot of eyeballs to New Orleans as they begin their season next year. The Pelicans don’t get much national coverage but Williamson certainly has the star power to change that.