Zico Teams up With IU For 'SoulMate' Music Watch


Hip-hop singer-songwriters Zico and IU team up on "SoulMate,” the first time the duo have released a song together since the former appeared on IU’s “Marshmallow” in 2009.

Two South Korea’s most prominent artists, Zico and IU serve up lilting vocals on “SoulMate,” producing a mellow, yet upbeat, jazz-influenced track. It was co-written by Zico and Poptime, and also credits R&B singer Crush in the chorus.

The music video for “SoulMate” reflects the song’s narrative, and features IU and Zico as two people missing their opportunities. An elevator drives most the plot, featuring Zico inside it in a variety situations and IU unable to get inside to be with him. With whimsical animations, a cameo from Crush, and a variety comical moments creating a charming vibe, the clip ends with them together.

Along with the aforementioned "Marshmallow," Zico and IU most-recently worked together when they joined forces at IU's concert last November. 

Well-known for his harder-hitting raps and his role as one-seventh the boy band Block B, the new duet is just the most recent  Zico’s tracks that showcase the artist’s gentler side. It joins the legacy other chill, romantic tracks, like 2016’s "I Am You, You Are Me” and last year’s "She's A Baby.” The latter helped land Television at No. 3 on the World Albums chart last July. 

Watch the music video for “SoulMate” below.