Zedd Reignites His Beef With Diplo, Diplo Responds


Zedd’s beef with Diplo has been on the backburner for some months, but matters are about to heat up. 
Max Vangeli just threw a digital haymaker at Diplo on Twitter, and Zedd immediately jumped in.  

According to Vangeli’s version events, the Moldovan DJ and producer got pretty much blanked by Diplo when he supported the U.S. artist at a show in Hong Kong. It wasn’t forgotten, it certainly isn’t forgiven, and the way Vangeli tells it, we should all stock up on popcorn. 

Vangeli hurled a full arsenal insults, from “pussy dick” to “Herpy Dick” and “clown ass bitch” in a rant which leaves zero wiggle room.

With that rocket launched, Zedd fered his support, “100% truth,” the Russian-German EDM star tweeted. See the tweet below. 

There’s history between the pair. In 2016, Diplo accused Zedd ripping f Flume's sound for an M&M-sponsored remake the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory tune “The Candyman.” The feud turned ugly as deadmau5 jumped in for a few choice words. 

Months before, Diplo took to Twitter to shade Zedd's sophomore album, True Colors, which he critiqued with the poop emoji. 

Diplo subsequently responded to both Zedd and Max Vangeli on Twitter and Instagram Story Tuesday (June 12), jokingly referencing Drake and Pusha-T's recent beef. See the tweets below.