Zayn Debuts Striking ‘Satisfaction’ Watch


Zayn launched a hanging video for “Satisfaction,” one of many songs from his 2018 sophomore album Icarus Falls, on Wednesday (Jan. 9).

The four-minute-long video, directed by Bouha Kazmi, follows the story of a romance that's tormented by the hardships of conflict. The music’s soft-yet-uplifting sound and telling lyrics present a becoming backdrop to the pictures of life, love and tragedy.

"'Cause I can't, you possibly can't, we are able to't get no/ Satisfaction/ All in my zone, all in my area/ Life is all the time in the way in which,” Zayn sings, showing solely briefly within the video.

Perhaps extra telling of the which means behind the video is the only quote in the beginning -- the identical one he sings in "Flower," an interlude on his 2016 album Mind of Mine -- "Until the flower of this love has bloomed this coronary heart gained't be at peace."

Watch the video under.