Zay Jones Avoids Charges Following Bloody Arrest


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones won’t face criminal charges for vandalizing a hotel and shattering a penthouse window after Los Angeles prosecutors declined the case because “insufficient evidence,” according to reports.

Additionally, TMZ Sports is reporting that the hotel wasn’t looking to press charges either because Jones’ family was “extremely cooperative” and told the building manager they’d cover the damages, which will cost approximately $20,000. 

The 22-year old wide receiver was originally arrested on suspicion felony vandalism after police arrived at the hotel and found him naked, breaking glass doors and windows, and arguing with his brother, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cayleb Jones. Cayleb took to twitter earlier this week after video footage the bizarre incident surfaced, tweeting, “I am my brothers keeper.”

Yesterday afternoon Jones’ father Robert, a former NFL player himself, also took to twitter to give fans an update. “Thank you for your prayers everyone! Zay is with me and his mom! He’s gonna be fine! We love y’all!,” tweeted Robert Jones.

The Buffalo Bills, the team that selected Zay Jones in the second-round  the 2017 NFL Draft, have also released the following statement regarding the incident in Los Angeles, “We are aware the incident involving Zay Jones. We are still in the process gathering more information on the matter. At this point, we will have no further comment.”