YungManny Causes Chaos inside of Sprayground showroom over AI collection!


Fashion forward accessories brand Sprayground keeps a pulse on fresh perspectives by forming relationships with creative entities and individuals. By working collaborative projects into their mission, the lifestyle label can express an appreciation for talent and art in a variety of forms. Just recently the company’s showroom turned into an impromptu YungManny music video when the young rapper dropped in for a meeting on crossover promo. The Sprayground headquarters in New York City have welcomed a host of rising stars from visual artists, to actors to hip hop artists since launching in 2010.

In their latest spotlight of the space is a teaser featuring YungManny in his element popping into the scene with a big personality. Slightly silly, but oh so cool, the clip shows him dancing on the table, rocking a bag from the soon to be unveiled Sprayground Africa collection, and throwing money around. The bag mimics a burlap sack like those used to tote grains, coffee, and the like with 100% Organic boldly stamped on the bag alongside the words “Made in Africa.” The new AI [African Intelligence] collection blends modern design with traditional elements of various cultures in Africa.

Sprayground often appeals to audiences through themes of nostalgia, something they have in common with the up and comer YungManny who often includes pop references from his past such as the Wiggles, Moana, Ms. Frizzle, and Stuart Little. The rapper is a proud first-gen African and wise beyond his years, as seen in his lyrics, delivery, and overall demeanor. He’s a perfect fit for the Sprayground vibe, and the edition of his spirit solidifies what the company is all about. As the youngest of eight to Nigerian parents that relocated to United
States, he represents the freedoms and enlightenment that comes from diversity.