Yungblud Opens Up About His Sexuality: ‘I’m Very Fluid About It’


In a new interview with Attitude, alternative star Yungblud opened up about his sexual identity, saying that he prefers not to think of himself in terms of labels. "It’s about connection. I’m very fluid about it," he said. 

The 22-year-old star, known for his post-emo sound and provocative stage presence, clarified that while he still finds himself more regularly attracted to women, he is very open about exploring who he is attracted to. "I am more straight," he said. "[But if] I walked down the street and met a fucking bloke tomorrow, or a trans person, you never know."

Yungblud continued, saying that his music career is based around rejecting the roles placed on individuals by societal expectations. "That’s why I fucking wear a dress on stage," he said. "We’ve been brought up with such boundaries: woman wears dress, man sees woman’s curves, you can make baby. Western civilisation put women in dresses and men in trousers. Before that, in medieval times, every fucker wore a dress."

The star is currently dating Halsey, who recently defended Miley Cyrus against Twitter trolls blaming her split with Liam Hemsworth over her bisexuality. "Stop being afraid of women who aren’t afraid to do what pleases them and not other people," she wrote in a tweet.

Yungblud concluded by saying that he won't stop experimenting with sexuality and gender any time soon. "I came to London to be liberated, to be able to paint my nails, to fucking try sex with a guy, to try everything, to fulfil my fantasies and figure out who I am," he said.

Read Yungblud's full interview here.