Yungblud Announces EP, Finds ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ in Apocalyptic Watch


Yungblud unveiled the striking visual for his latest song, “Hope For The Underrated Youth” on Tuesday (Sept. 24). Set in a dystopian future, the clip finds the British rap-rocker leading a group of young outcasts as they try to survive in a society wrecked by violence, militarism and hatred.

“Just take my heart out/ That’d make it better/ Hidin’ all my feelings but I know that I’m not dreaming/ ‘Cause there’s hope for the underrated youth/ And I’m so far from telling you the truth/ ‘Cause you keep pullin’ me down, pullin’ me down, pullin me down’/ Yeah there’s hope for the underrated youth,” Yungblud wails on the song’s crashing chorus.

The video takes a darkly poignant turn when the rising star and his fellow young people are mercilessly gunned down by an armed militia during the song's emotional and terrifying climax. In its closing moments, Yungblud delivers the final, screaming chorus as he’s riddled with bullets while waving a giant white flag. 

“Hope For The Underrated Youth” will be featured on the U.K. star’s upcoming EP — also titled The Underrated Youth — which is set to be released Oct. 11 Locomotion/Geffen Records. Watch the video below.