Yung Miami & Joseline Hernandez Threaten Each Other On IG Over Hazel-E Diss Track


Tuesday evening was a cluster of drama on Instagram between City Girls rapper Yung Miami as she battled against Hazel-E and Joseline Hernandez. Hazel has previously accused City Girls of sampling her 2017 track “Actin Up” and using it for their hit 2018 song “Act Up” without permission or credit. Yung Miami has defended her single, asserting that no one affiliated with the production of “Act Up” took anything from Hazel. The two engaged in a brief social media spat, but Hazel wasn’t finished. It seems that the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is looking to capitalize off of the moment by dropping a diss track titled “Add It Up.” In it, Hazel targets City Girls, Quality Control Music, and Lil Yachty who helped pen “Act Up.”

Hazel talks about everyone under the sun on her scathing record, including family members of her targets. Yung Miami issued a warning after hearing the song, writing “Just know when I see you sir I’m beating your ass on sight for speaking on my mom and my son you lame ass hoe!” Hazel’s friend, former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez, showed support for Hazel in her comments, so Joseline became Yung Miami’s second target.

Joseline hopped on camera to give Hazel-E a shout out and to tell Yung Miami that she’s about that life. Things were already messy, but the ladies just go back and forth, video for video, as the City Girls rapper continuously asks Joseline to meet up.

“Ian bout to play with no mans on coke y’all hoes want attention now y’all got it!,” Yung Miami wrote in a post. “On my son I will beat either one of you hoes to death just cause b*tches throw drinks and pull hair cross tables on TV don’t do sh*t to me! I’m from Miami I don’t see none of that commercial sh*t joseline you on coke bad you get high eat p*ssy for fun who respects you hoe? Hazel you wish you were signed to QC nobody know you or your music… what checks you signing you delusional ass b*tch you was crying for berg to help with your career you clown ass b*tch.”

Like many other internet beefs that exist, nothing came of this one. We’re hoping that they can keep it on wax and realize that throwing hands over this just isn’t that serious.