Yung Lean Shares Some Of His Favorite Songs With His Fans


Swedish sad boy rapper, Yung Lean, is probably best known for the music he made during his breakout era in the early 2010’s. This Arizona ice tea-swigging, Pokemon card playing, weirdo teen from Stockholm came up from seemingly out nowhere and became a viral hit, helping to popularize vaporwave rap and serving as an influential figure to the next generation internet rappers. 

However, though his Arizona days might be over, Yung Lean never left the rap game. His last two albums, Warlord and Stranger, are both quality advancements to his original sound, more matured and much more experimental. 

Apropos nothing, Yung Lean decided today to share some his favorite songs with his fans on Facebook, perhaps to give them a better insight into what Yung Lean is inspired by and the music that he likes to listen to.

His tastes vary across genres, with no seeming obvious choices in the list. Some choice rap songs include Fredo Santana’s “Wake Up,” featuring Chief Keef, “Back 2 Back,” by Cheat Code, Young Thug, and Gunna, as well as tracks by Soldier Kidd and Fmb Dz.

He’s not limited to rap either, sharing songs from Gwen Stefani’s original band, No Doubt, Australian punk rocker, Rowland S. Howard, and English post-punk band, The Fall. 

It’s cool when artists are so open about their influences, and it would be nice to see more rappers share that information with their fans. Check out Lean’s Facebook page and let us know what your thoughts are on his playlist.