Yung Bleu, Murda Beatz, Ty Dolla Sign & More Make The Cut On T-Pain’s Guest Features List


T-Pain has one of the most legendary voices in Hip Hop and a stacked résumé to prove it. The mid-’00s was his playground as T-Pain was not only putting out hits on his own, but he was lacing other artists with some coveted guest features. 

These days, T-Pain has assumed more of a prophet role, speaking on his experiences in the music industry and critiquing the artists we have today. But some people still want T-Pain to tap into his music superpowers. On Tuesday (August 17), Tallahassee Pain took to Twitter to reveal the list of guest features he’s going to work on in order. The list covers Hip Hop, latin pop, R&B and other genres. 

“I wanna start this thread off by saying I’m definitely not complaining about this but I don’t think we know what kind of pressure we put on others,” he said in the first post with an image of the features list. “This isn’t for the fans.”

He continued, “So! This is the list of features I actually HAVENT done yet that I’ve gotten since the whole ‘situation’ a while back, and I’ve promised to deliver. This is just features that I actually WANT to do. I’ve talked to these ppl personally and accepted the job.”

DJ CarnageErica BanksTy Dolla $ignYung Bleu are on the list, but surprising guests such as actor Gary Owen, country singer Jimmie Allen and latin pop group Dale Play are on it too. T-Pain further explained that this list is just the people he agreed to work with and doesn’t reflect the large number of requests he’s gotten lately. 

T-Pain is also sacrificing studio time on his own album, revealing he’s pushed it back several times to dish out features and help out other artists. It’s the reason why T-Pain says he “disappeared” during his first hiatus from the music business. 

“I Love y’all but Gaaaaaaaahdaaaaaaamn I’ve pushed my own album back 3 times because I’m making sure everybody else is good,” he tweeted. “I’m gettin to it I swear. New deals comin in everyday, new DMs everyday. New screenshots from my homies saying their homies want hooks.”

He added, “I actually give a fuck about your records and in order for me to feel like I’m leaving quality shit behind for when I’m gone I gotta take my time.”