Yung Berg & A1 Reportedly Robbed At Gunpoint During Instagram Live Session


A tense and harrowing moment was briefly captured on Instagram Live last night. As it happened, Yung Berg and "Love And Hip-Hop's" A1 were in the middle a streaming session when they were reportedly robbed at gunpoint by an unidentified assailant. The clip is mere seconds longs, and features a voice saying "put the camera down, put the camera down," an order which A1 quickly complies. Eventually, the Live session continues, and a stressed sounding A1 can be heard recounting the incident. "I don't know, my n***a," he says, "did he hit you with the gun?"

He then proceeds to unleash upon security. "Bro, y’all ain’t see sh*t, my n***a? Y’all ain’t see two n***s run in here with a gun, my n***s. How the f*ck y’all letting muhfuckas run in?” Apparently, the robbers took f with money and jewelry, and while the anger the violation may sting, at least the situation didn't escalate. After fans witnessed the whole thing go down, they quickly got in touch with Lyrica Anderson, A1's wife (although they're currently separated). 

Anderson proceeded to express concern over what went down, taking to Twitter to address the robbery. She firmly shot down all notions "clout chasing", which some fans had the audacity to suggest. Check out her Twitter rant below.