YouTuber Jessie Paege Partners With HeardWell For Ladies-Only Compilation Album 'Empowoment'


Since starting her YouTube channel back in 2013, Jessie Paege has made it her mission to let her fans know how she feels. The content creator started out making typical beauty guru-style videos, but she soon evolved into also making more in-depth content about mental health, her personal life and living as a queer person in today’s world.

Now, Paege is fering up a new form content with her 1.5 million-plus fans — a brand-new compilation album. Titled Empowoment, the new album consists a series songs, each performed by various female indie artists, that center around female empowerment. Artists like Allie X, HOLYCHILD, Emma Bale and more can be found on the YouTuber’s new album.

Paege tells Billboard Pride that the album was meant to be a message to her predominantly-female fanbase about the power being an independent woman. “I wanted to use my own platform to build up female artists with incredible messages,” she says. “It’s all about women empowering women and encouraging each other.”

Paege knows a thing or to about feeling uplifted by others — the YouTube star came out as bisexual two months ago in a series “Coming Out” videos released on her YouTube channel. Since the videos were posted, the star has received a massive outpouring support from her fans, many applauding her decision to live openly in her truth.

The album is a collaboration with HeardWell, an online music label that lets online content creators create their own personal compilations their favorite music. Past curators have included Tyler Oakley, Lohanthony, Olympian Gabby Douglas and more.

Jessie Paege’s new compilation album Empowoment is available on iTunes now. Check out the tracklisting for the album below:

1. Cut Loose – Emma Bale

2. Happy With Me – HOLYCHILD

3. Nobody Freakin’ – Megan Vice

4. Downtown – Allie X

5. Choirs – Ashe

6. Last Call – Neena

7. Dots – Woodes

8. Philharmonics – Agnes Obel

9. Lonely – ZZ Ward

10. Out It – Fallulah

11. Sometimes People Suck – Ashe