YouTuber Helps Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico With 'Evolution Of Lin-Manuel Miranda' Watch


Almost a year after the deadly Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is still recovering and rebuilding.

Moved by the disastrous aftermath, L.A.-based YouTuber Michael Korte gathered a group talented artists and brought to life the “Evolution Lin-Manuel Miranda” to celebrate Lin’s trajectory and raise funds for the victims in Puerto Rico.

Filmed in the Boyle Heights area Los Angeles with the participation Korte, Aaron Encinas, Brooke Simpson, Jasmin Cruz, Jessica Muchow, and Mark Joseph, the mashup features songs from In The Heights, Bring It On, Hamilton, and Moana, to name a few.

The decision to honor Lin was simple, according to Korte. “Lin is so actively working to remind us all that Puerto Rico still needs our thoughts, aid, and heart,” he tells Billboard. “Lin's work deserves the celebration!”

One hundred percent the proceeds from the video will be donated to The Hispanic Federation to support hurricane relief in the island.

“Knowing that there are people in Puerto Rico still without power, still struggling with ramifications from the Hurricane is equal parts heartbreaking and infuriating,” Korte says. “These are our brothers and sisters.”

Watch the “Evolution Lin-Manuel Miranda” below.