YouTube Pairs With Merchbar to Help Artists Push Tour Merch Under Videos


YouTube has announced it will allow artists to sell merchandise underneath their videos thanks to a new partnership with Merchbar, the service which has also partnered with Spotify to provide merch sales within its app. The move now gives artists with Official Artist Channels the ability surface and sell both concert listings and tickets and merch directly under music videos, making it easier for fans to find the latest details about their favorite artist from a single source.

The merchandise "shelf" will sit below the video description on YouTube, and much like the ticket buying process on YouTube, users who want to buy merch will be redirected to Merchbar's website. In celebration of the partnership, Marshmello has created a soccer jersey exclusive to Merchbar and YouTube, which can be found under any of his videos on YouTube.

Tour merch has enjoyed a major resurgence since 2016, and making it easier to get those items in front of fans actively looking at their phones or computers compared to finding it on an artist page on Spotify could potentially help increase merch sales for artists across the board, if implemented properly.

Merchbar carries over 1 million items from 35,000 artists, and while YouTube says it's launching feature in the US first, it does have plans to make the merchbar integration available in international markets in the "near future." Artists with an Official Artist Channel on YouTube and a Merchbar store with U.S fulfillment enabled can sign up for the merch shelf through YouTube Studio today.