Youngboy Never Broke Again Might Be Facing 10 Year Jail Sentence: Report


Things aren’t looking too great for Youngboy Never Broke Again. After the alleged assault that took place late last month, the rapper’s been facing some serious legal issues that could possibly derail his future in the music industry. A new report is now claiming that a Baton Rouge prosecutor is urging the judge to revoke his probation and the rapper may possibly face 10 years behind bars.

 During Youngboy’s 2017 trial, he was given a 10 year suspended sentence in his probation sentence. However, the conditions in his sentence also said the he had to remain arrest and conviction-free. After his latest arrest, District Attorney April Leon urged the judge to make Youngboy serve the rest his 10 year sentence, according to The Advocate.

She’s asking the judge to revoke his probation during his hearing on May 18th, which was already a scheduled to review his probation. In addition, she wants Youngboy is custody until then. 

According to court documents, she alleged that Youngboy is “a threat to society and the safety others.” The motion to withdraw his probation says his recent kidnapping arrest involved domestic violence against his significant other.

His attorney, James Menessah, says that probation revocation isn’t necessary. “It’s serious, but it’s not nearly as severe as it’s been made out to be,” he said, “There’s no kidnapping. There’s no weapons involved.”

One Youngboy’s conditions was that he performs 250 hours community service or does a PSA against violence in rap music. However, Leon says his recent arrest contradicts this.

“This contradicts the court’s intentions having the defendant speak out against the promotion violence in rap music and, furthermore, the objectification women in rap music and by rap artists,” she said in her motion.

Hopefully, this doesn’t end up resulting in a 10 year jail sentence. We will keep you updated on Youngboy’s legal trouble.