Youngboy Never Broke Again House Arrest Conditions Revealed: Report


Youngboy Never Broke Again has dealt with his fair share of legal issues in the public eye. But despite this, he’s continued to keep his career afloat, even if he is locked up. The rapper was locked up earlier this year after the fatal shooting ahead of Rolling Loud Miami. A judge told NBA Youngboy he’d have to stay in jail for 90 days following that. He was released earlier this month but he’s currently on house arrest. After going to court today, it was revealed what his probation conditions consisted of.

According to WAFB9, who attended the court hearing, a judge approved Youngboy Never Broke Again to leave his house during house arrest but there are a few conditions to it. The rapper isn’t allowed to go to an outside studio, nor is he allowed to perform, but he is allowed to record music from his house. The rapper will stay on house arrest for fourteen months.

While the rapper was detained after the shooting, the reason he was locked up was for violation his 2017 probation over a gun charge. The judge said that she viewed a clip off of social media that showed Youngboy “talking trash and smack” in a supposedly threatening fashion. 

Following the shooting, the rapper’s lawyer told the media that NBA Youngboy was guilt-ridden. “He was the victim of an assassination attempt,” NBA Youngboy’s attorney said. “YoungBoy told me, ‘I wish they would have gotten me, not him.’”