Young Thug’s Livestream Of A Woman Painting Fuels Album Speculation


Young Thug is one of the least conventional artists of our generation. The Atlanta-based rapper does things differently than we’ve ever seen before, constantly finding new ways to get his art out to the world. Last week, he made sure to tell all of his homies that he loves and respects them, shouting out his YSL team and even showing love to Jay-Z and Diddy. This week, he’s making headlines because of a strange live-stream he’s in the process of hosting, which features a woman painting a spider on a blank canvas.

Young Thug's Livestream Of A Woman Painting Fuels Album Speculation
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

You may recall the unique rollout to Slime Language, which started off when Jeffery sent several media outlets pet snakes out of the blue. It wouldn’t be entirely random to believe that what’s happening right now could be leading us into an official announcement for the highly-anticipated and heavily-teased GØŁDMØÜFDÖG. While his fans may be off base on that assumption, something weird is going on right now. Young Thug started a live-stream over an hour ago and it started off as pure static. Now, he’s showing a woman painting a spider with a green background, leading many to try and figure out what’s going on. The stream will sometimes cut to a still image of the bear with a spider on its nose.

Another popular assumption is that this could be an announcement for the rumoured single involving J. Cole (the bear wearing a crown), Travis Scott (a cactus was also shown) and Thug. What do you think is happening? Tune in below.