Young Thug’s Girl Jerrika Karlae Says He Lies About Drug Use


With Young Thug’s new album officially out, it feels like people are finally starting to turn around on him. For years, the hip-hop community has been split on the Atlanta-based recording artist. Many believed that he should be in the conversation as one of the best to have emerged in the last ten years and others absolutely trashed anything the man associated himself with. One thing is for sure: Thug is fearless. He’s proved that, time and time again, he’s not afraid to push boundaries and get a little weird. It’s worked out to his advantage and throughout it all, he’s had the same woman by his side. Jerrika Karlae, who is exploring a music career of her own after signing to 300 Entertainment, recently stopped by Adam22’s No Jumper podcast to chat about her life, touching on longtime boyfriend and her own career.

The hourlong talk featured plenty of strong points, including when Karlae started talking about Jeffery’s collaboration with Future on Beautiful Thugger Girls. “I got mad,” she revealed. “Slime and Future made a song talking ’bout relationships and I was like, I call him like, ‘n***a, you got a song like, what are y’all, what the hell…'” Of course, Thug says in the song that he’s in a relationship with “all his bitches,” which would be sure to anger any loyal woman.

Young Thug's Girl Jerrika Karlae Says He Lies About Drug Use
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

She goes on to speak about rap antics, noting that while Thug has dabbled in the world of designer drugs, including lean, he’s not as heavy a user as he makes it seem. Karlae said that although she’s often around sizzurp, she rarely ever partakes in it. She says that Thug is also pretty careful. When asked if it’s hard to see him go crazy on the drugs, Jerrika clarified that much of it is just an act. “Honestly though, when people think Thug is fucked up, Thug will be pretending,” she said. “And I’m really doing a favor of letting that out. Man, Slime is smart. That n***a not dumb. Thug will throw bait out there just to see who gon’ catch onto it.” 

She then explained that the rumor that Thug wouldn’t head to Europe because he couldn’t drink lean out there is false, noting that he does just fine when he’s overseas. Watch her speak about drugs at the 26-minute mark.