Young Thug Supports Gunna In "Male Purse" Movement


Gunna‘s recent post of himself rocking a Chanel purse ruffled quite the unconventional feathers. Sauce Walka was one of the first to chime in through an emoji-filled comment where he called out Gunna for having “#NoDrip.” Gunna quickly fired back with a response, claiming he would rather rock a $10k Chanel purse than “wear little girl bows” in his hair. The rapper was alluding to Sauce Walka’s signature hairdo which does involve a string of colorful barrettes.  

Young Thug‘s amicable affiliation with Gunna and previous animosity with Sauce Walka was enough for him to also add his two cents in. The “Chanel” rapper has never been one to shy away from risky fashion moves and as such, he went onto purchasing two of the same Chanel bags in support of Gunna. A purposeful move demonstrating actions do speak louder than words sometimes. 

The bold fashion statement was made via the rapper’s Instagram story, where he directly mentioned Gunna while strutting the two fresh additions to his wardrobe. The vibrantly colored purses are in full view from the start and precisely show the yellow and orange bags. Young Thug then kicked an empty bag to reveal its Chanel logo.