Young Thug Offers Lil Uzi Vert Full Rights To His Instagram Page


Recently, Lil Uzi Vert’s Instagram page has looked like a strange piece modern art. While no conclusion has been ficially reached, it would appear that the rapper’s IG was hacked and passed around to be used by randoms as they saw fit. The whole thing was muddled from the jump. Some even speculated that it was all an elaborate publicity stunt, praising Uzi for his shrewd marketing savvy. Either way, Uzi has been decidedly absent from the social media platform for a minute. 

Enter Young Thug aka SEX, the gift who keeps on giving. The androgynous rapper recently uploaded a clip addressing Lil Uzi’s IG departure, and proposing a solution sorts. “I think I’m delete all my pictures f IG,” says Thug. “Im’a delete all my pictures and give my IG to Lil Uzi. He deserves it. If you feel like Lil Uzi deserve my IG, I want you to type ‘deserve’.” While his intentions are no doubt noble, a quick scan through the latest comments reveal an all but barren “deserve” free zone. Perhaps some feel as if Lil Uzi is not worthy the coveted Young Thug IG page.

Interestingly enough, Lil Uzi’s tainted IG page actually has more followers than Young Thug; Uzi is sitting at 6.9 million, while Thugger is boasting a respectable 5.1 million. To be honest, this whole thing is hard to keep track . Hopefully we’ll once again see Lil Uzi in control his own destiny sooner rather than later.