Young Thug Offers Advice To All Ladies Seeking A Real One


Ever since finding himself at the center of a drive-by shooting, Young Thug has been voluntarily offering enlightenment like never before. Yesterday, Thugger took to Instagram to offer extensive and thoughtful prayers for his loved ones, including his mother, his father, Duke, Gunna, Lil Keed, T-Shyne, Karlae, Jay-Z (his idol) and more. Not long after, Thugger once again took to his pulpit to speak his mind, airing out anybody who dared use the term “clout chasing,” citing it as another means of “bullying.” The consecutive nature of Thug’s IG posts, as well as his cordial interview with Nardwuar, led to many wondering whether he had undergone an epiphany of sorts. 

Young Thug Offers Advice To All Ladies Seeking A Real One

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Now Jeffery has come through with another video, once again sharing his own personal insight gleaned from his experience. Directing the bulk of his words for “mostly women,” Thug explains that lessons can arise in many shapes and sizes, and should not always be interpreted in a negative light. “It was knowledge, whether good or bad, it was knowledge that you need to make the next step,” he explains, providing examples of how he has drawn positives from negative in his own experience. 

“The point of this story is, all you gon’ do is make a n***a shush,” says Thug. “If a n***a can come around a bitch and can’t speak his mind…if a n***a scared to talk around a female, that’s a real p***y n***a…You should want a n****a like me, you should want a n***a like Obama.” 

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