Young Thug Accedes To Nardwuar’s Interview, While Travis Scott Idles Onstage


The title says it all. Before Young Thug could make it onstage for a predetermined concert duet with Travis Scott, Nardwuar slides in demanding an interview on the spot. While the interview doesn’t last for more than 4 minutes, Thugger was in no way indebted to the Canadian raconteur, especially given the pressing need for him onstage.

But no matter, Young Thug saw Nardwuar for what he is in the flesh, a man created in his own image. For that reason alone, Thugger wanted to be stuck in that precise a little longer, he even presented himself as a Jeffrey for a change. While this going down, Gunna is just standing there to his right equally bug-eyed in this serendipitous moment. Not once, does Gunna grow resentful standing next to an ingratiated Young Thug, whose two arms can with a never-ending run of gifts: Lethal Weapon on vinyl, a pamphlet for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts that bears his image, a Flintstones vinyl, etc.

Once the gift-giving is over with, the throng of Rolling Loud security marshals ends the stalemate by motioning (with pressure) in a certain direction – at which point, Thugger has no option but to move forward and join Travis onstage. In the end, everything worked out for all parties, albeit with a bit of delay. Check out the full interview (below) at your own discretion.