Young M.A Discusses Showing Her Vulnerable Side on ‘Herstory in the Making’ & Upcoming 2020 Projects


Young M.A caught up with Billboard’s Bianca Gracie at the Billboard and Vibe R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event on Thursday (Oct. 17), as the MC chatted about her debut album, Herstory in the Making, why she doesn’t feel the need to identify herself as a “female rapper" and what fans can expect in 2020.

Asked about Herstory and why she decided to show her vulnerable side on it, Young M.A tells Billboard, “Because it's a part of me… For people that have been supporting me for so long, I just want them to have an understanding about me.”

“Even for the people that don't know,” she continues, "A part of music is a part of a way of me expressing myself… I feel like it was just something for me to give to the people. Just being real, you know?”

In the interview, the rapper also explained her recent comments about not considering herself a “female rapper,” but just a “rapper.” She explains that she sees herself as being in her own lane, and that she doesn’t need a label to define her. “I know who I am, I am who I am, and I have a name, my name is Young M.A,” she says. “And that's what it is.”

As for what fans can expect in 2020, Young M.A promises more visuals, music, acting and “other things” that she can’t give specifics about. “I can just kind of give you… a hint, of things,” she adds. “More projects, man, that's how we coming for the rest of the year. “

You can watch the full video interview with Young M.A above, and check out a clip of her performance from the event below.