Young Bombs Go to War For Love in ‘Better Day’ Video Featuring Aloe Blacc: Exclusive


All is fair in love and war, and in Young Bomb’s music video for “Better Day” featuring Aloe Blacc (premiering exclusively on Billboard today, Nov. 13) what’s fair is a glass bottle to the skull, running cars into bodies, and all manner of dude-on-dude violence.

Sonically, the single is rosy and upbeat. Blacc sings a song of love over a tropical dance-pop melody. Apparently, Young Bombs didn’t get the message. The humurous clip features both members of the Canadian duo fighting tooth and nail for a blonde beach beauty.

She seems into it, for the most part, happily walking hand-in-hand with whoever sheds last blood. It's all for kicks, though, filmed in a cheeky retro style. No dance producers were really harmed in the making.

Who will win this battle for the babe? Can anyone win when two friends are torn apart?

You’ll have to watch the music video below to find out — and keep a keen eye open for Blacc.