Yoonmirae Returns to Her Roots With 'Gemini 2' Album: Watch the 'You & Me' Music Video


Yoonmirae, one South Korea’s most prominent hip-hop divas, returned Thursday with a brand-new album, Gemini 2, which pays homage to her career and its growth.

An apparent sequel to her 2002 album Gemini, the 12-track LP is fronted by the lead single “You & Me” featuring Junlo, a song about the relationship between two people who aren't just friends. A breezy song with jangling beats and low-key synths and instrumentals, Yoonmirae’s latest is perfect for bright summer days with your friends — which is what the accompanying music video is all about.

Featuring Yoonmirae with friends and artists from Feel Ghood Music, the label she heads with husband Tiger JK, “You & Me” shows different sides to the singer as she performs alongside her crew. Stylistically, it's a look at the multi-faceted Yoonmirae, drawing on her multitude identities as a biracial Korean-American rapper, balladeer, entrepreneur, activist, mother and millennial.

Also known as Tasha, Yoonmirae’s latest album opens up with “Rap Queen,” an anthemic call-and-return nod to the artist’s reputation as one the Korean music industry's most prominent female rappers; she originally rose to fame as a member the hip-hop trio Uptown in the '90s. It leads into a second single, “Thin Lines” with Tiger JK. Gemini 2 also includes a piano remake February's “No Gravity,” the groovy R&B track “Cookie” and a remix 2016’s “Jamcome on Baby.” 

Watch the music video for “You & Me,” featuring Junlo, below: