YNW Melly’s 20th Birthday Incites A Mild "Free Melly" Moment On Instagram


It’s unclear how much control he asserts over his social media presence while imprisoned, but whoever’s cashing those checks, made to parlay some kind of happy birthday day message to the artists better know by his YNW insignia. May 1st, 1999 was the year Melly was ushered into this world with a spotless record.

In the advent of his would-be birthday celebrations, YNW is facing a possible death sentence for his role in the murders of two young men who shared in his YNW insignia. The level of kinship he has with the two men he is killing makes the open case file all the more intriguing, if not completely incomprehensible.

YNW Melly's 20th Birthday Incites A Mild "Free Melly" Moment On Instagram

Image via HNHH

And yet, there’s still a pocket of resistance out there wishing Melly well on the day of his 20th birthday. As much as it pains me to remain objective at all costs, especially as it concerns a human casualty rate, the circumstances by which both men were murdered haven’t been properly disclosed. Not enough for the public to form any kind of conclusion in the matter.

Therein in lies the reason many are still championing his Melly’s ascension up the ranks, despite the controversy surrounding his murder trial. Youngish rappers like Yung Bans, Foolio, Lil Skies, and Dolly White filed in with birthday wishes of their own. Lil Skies even went as far to further the notion for the #Free Melly movement in his e-greeting. “Free u kid love ya #freemelly,” he wrote with a certain air of authority.