YNW Melly Requests Release From Jail In Double Murder Case


YNW Melly has had enough of jail and he’s ready to come home. The controversial young rapper was arrested after turning himself in on double murder charges this year. He is being accused of killing his two friends in cold blood before staging it as a drive-by, riding around town with their dead bodies in the car, and then bringing them to the hospital. As you likely know by now, YNW Melly is facing the death penalty for his alleged involvement in the crime but he thinks that he should be able to walk free. According to TMZ, the Florida artist has requested to be released on bond before his trial begins.

YNW Melly Requests Release From Jail In Double Murder Case
Broward’s Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

The charges that Melly is facing are serious but because he voluntarily turned himself in a few months ago, he believes that he has a right to go home before the trial begins. The rapper has reportedly filed legal documents for his release from jail, which will be processed soon. Melly tried to offer up a few reasons why he shouldn’t be considered a flight risk, noting that his entire family is based in Florida so he’s motivated to stick around until his trial. He also thinks that because he handed himself over to the police, he’s already proven that he won’t run.

We’ll keep you updated on all pertinent details regarding YNW Melly and his request to be released from jail.