YK Osiris Talks Relationships & Infidelity With Angela Yee: ’N-ggas Be Sellin Dreams’


YK Osiris stopped by Angela Yee’s Lip Service and shared his thoughts on relationships.

Osiris spoke about how he’s been trying to keep a low profile about his love life, and admitted he’s been single cause he “can’t stop talking to women.”

“I like keeping my shit low,” Osiris said around the 44-minute mark. “I don’t even post like that. I don’t post no relationship shit like that. It’s love, there’s no problem, but it’s always like, why you talking to this person? Why you doing this, why you doing that? Cause I can’t stop. So what makes you think you gonna stop me? So what can I do? I can’t be in no relationship.”

He continued by saying he’s got an upcoming song called “Bad At Me” that speaks on this infidelity.

“How can I be guilty if I’m bad at myself? Like that’s my thing. Why would you bring an introvert to the party when you know he can’t sing out loud? Like that’s real. Know that n-gga ain’t shit, why you still with that n-gga? Knowing that n-gga be fucking these hoes, why you still fucking on that n-gga?”

He admitted that while women shouldn’t keep hanging out with men who treat her poorly, that “N-gga’s be selling dreams too.”

The R&B singer recently dropped off his new single “Be My Girl” and as far as his love life is concerned, he’s currently in pursuit of Lizzo.

“What’s up Lizzo? I just wanna say hey,” Osiris said in a recent post to his Instagram Story. “You beautiful Black queen. I don’t wanna go too far but you’re beautiful and yeah. Check your DM though, alright?”

It’s unclear if Lizzo ever saw or responded to Osiris’s advances.

Watch the interview with Lip Service below.