YK Osiris Blames Debts On Not Making ‘Smart Bets’ – Before Losing Another Bet


YK Osiris is not a very good gambler and he keeps finding himself in tricky predicaments when it comes to his debt. Social media has had plenty of fun at his disposal while turning his losses into jokes and plenty of memes.

The “Worth It” singer joined Barstool Sports’ Sundae Conversation series yesterday (January 16) and explained how his losses continue to pile up because he doesn’t make smart bets.

“I just got out of debt,” he explained. “I don’t make smart bets. I think I just don’t make smart bets. I just jump in the water and swim. Are you going to save me?”

Barstool’s Caleb Pressley and Glenny Balls have some fun with Osiris by presenting him with a fake $65,000 oversized check to help bail him out of debt.

While the Jacksonville native recognizes his gambling addiction, the betting seemingly hasn’t stopped. Another clip made the rounds over the weekend of YK in another basketball shooting competition for money, and it didn’t seem to be going in his favor once again.

Lol he got an addiction,” former Everyday Struggle co-host Wayno commented.

Osiris paid off his $60,000 debt with Drake by singing his “Worth It” hit at the 6 God’s Toronto estate. YK also still owes Lil Baby $5,000 for an unspecified bet and there’s possibly more we haven’t even heard about.

Gambling hasn’t been too kind to Drake either, as he lost a big-money bet on Alabama to Quavo and his University of Georgia Bulldogs in the College National Championship last week.