Yip Deceiver Gets Invested in Funk on 'Local Business': Exclusive


Of Montreal’s Davey Price and Nicolas Dobbratz began Yip Deceiver as an electronic fshoot to the glammed-up experimental indie rock band, but they’re going full '80s R&B throwback on their latest single “Local Business,” Kieku Records.

“The song was written as a Luther Vandross/Anita Baker-style thing but mutated with production into something completely different,” the band tells Billboard. “The lyrics are a nod to the complexity modern game while still emulating a classic love song theme.”

The song dips into both the past with its funky synths and future with its electro-psychedelic divergences. The band credits producer and Kieku Records co-founder Jonas Verwijnen with the spacey edge laid in the mix as well as adding a crucial keyboard solo provided by fellow Of Montreal member JoJo Glidewell to “spice it up too.” It’s a fun and loose tune that captures the band’s unfettered style.

“Local Business” is the first song track from Yip Deceiver since 2015 and arrives on a double A-side release shared with Moon Duo’s John Jeffrey.

Check out Yip Deceiver’s “Local Business” exclusively on Billboard below.