YG Talks New Album 'Stay Dangerous,' Working With Mustard, Love of Lil Pump: Watch


Rapper YG sat down with Billboard to chat about his new album Stay Dangerous (out now Def Jam Recordings), working with Mustard again, and his picks for the top rappers in the game at the moment.

“I'm experimenting,” YG says his new record. “That was part the reason why I named the album Stay Dangerous. It was about being proactive, not reactive.”

“Knowledge is dangerous,” he adds, “Especially when you somebody color and you know what you know. We got the information that's dangerous. That's what they don't want us to have. So when I say stay dangerous, I mean all that.”

YG also opens up about collaborating with Mustard once again, following their temporary fallout. “The main focus was just me and Mustard gettin' back in doin' what we was doin' day one,” YG tells Billboard.

The two didn’t work together for two years after they stopped talking to each other, YG explains, adding that when they finally linked back up, they were ready to make some new music together and that they were able to get their chemistry back.

In the interview, YG is also asked to name the top rappers at the moment, with him giving a shout to Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Migos and Lil Pump.

“He just don't give a fuck. He just do him,” YG says Lil Pump. “That’s how it was when I came out. They] was like, ‘Oh, he can't really rap, all he talk about is partying and doing drugs and shit.’ Then I got hot and I started really rapping.”

You can watch the full video interview with YG above.