YG Passes The Joint To Nipsey Hussle "One Last Time" At His Gravesite Memorial


A video surfaced on Saturday in which YG can be seen smoke a ceremonial joint/blunt with the late homie Nipsey Hussle. As you’ll see below, YG isn’t just smoking in front of Nipsey’s gravesite for the sake of it, he’s motioning to pass him the joint as if he were present in the exchange.

The ritual is imbued in emotion, over time spent in each other’s company. In light of the social effects it engenders, passing the joint is inherently a  spiritual activity, and that’s before you consider the conscious effect it has on the brain. It’s as simple as that.

YG Passes The Joint To Nipsey Hussle "One Last Time" At His Gravesite Memorial

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

YG took a few days to himself following Nipsey’s death to process the new reality he and others were bound to face – they were that close of friends. In an Instagram post dedicated solely to his late friend, YG spoke about the ways in which they circumvented their opposing ganglines to chart a mutually-beneficial come-up story.

“Lost for words kuz i got so many of em,” wrote YG. “We went thru so much shit together tryna make it out of LA with this rap shit, But we always got thru it then talked about it & after we talked. We laughed! You was a real big bro to me no kap. YOU 1 OF A KIND!”

As you likely saw first hand, YG was among the noted figures chosen to speak at Nipsey’s vigil on Thursday, where he kept his message of condolence brief and to the point, with respect to Nipsey’s immediate family – most deserving of the spotlight.