YG Lashes Out Against Voyeuristic Fan: "I might Knock Your Ass Out"


YG was none too happy with the extent of tact displayed by one in every of his nosier followers. It all went down on the airport someday yesterday, sadly, the one footage that exists pertains to YG’s scolding, not the incident itself. Judging by the guilt-ridden look on his face, the “nosy fan,” as I will consult with him, is most certainly deserving of his public humiliation.

Watch because the “nosy fan” is rendered speechless as YG flips the script on him, by inserting him within the “Instagram” image body with out his consent. “Trying to file n****s” on some bizarre sh*t, you’s a b*tch” YG exclaims because the “nosy fan” appears to be like on with a stupefied gaze.

“You’s a bitch,” YG reiterates earlier than conceding to the scrutinous nature of Airport Security. “If we weren’t in an airport I might knock your ass out.” And true to his phrase, YG by no means laid a finger on the invasive fan. The message was clear, concise, and simply the fitting serving of expletives. Besides YG’s pressing plea for privateness, which in all honesty, he’s owed as a human being, the state of affairs actually hearkens again to an episode regarding Cardi B, her publicist, and a complete “Invasion of Privacy” – there too, no wigs have been cut up.