YG Confirms "Special Project" With Nipsey Hussle Will Be Released Soon


Back in early April, YG took to Twitter to reveal that he had planned to drop a surprise album on the 12th, but that he had decided to push the project’s release back by about a month, in wake of Nipsey Hussle‘s sudden death. Earlier this month the rapper took to Twitter once more, this time to reveal an exact date for when he would be dropping the album, which was set on the 24th. 

As promised, YG dropped his anticipated album, 4REAL 4REAL, at midnight last night, for which he had leaked the cover art for – which honoured the memory of his late friend, Nipsey Hussle – just 3 days prior. 

YG Confirms "Special Project" With Nipsey Hussle Will Be Released Soon

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Yesterday, the “Heart 2 Heart” rapper sat down in an interview with Real 92.3’s Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed to talk about his album, as well as the music him and Nip had worked on before Nip’s death. During the conversation, Kev and Hed asked if the joint project that both rappers were working on would ever see the light of day, to which YG responded by detailing a separate, “special project” that’s destined to be some “next level shit.”

“I got a special project I was working on with Nip right before he passed,” YG said. “It’s like, it’s special, we gonna make that happen, his family and everybody want that to happen, that’s a priority for me.” He went on to explain why they had not previously released it, sayin, “me and Nip was just in the studio like last September, October, we had started to try to work on the project again and we was trying to put it out by December. But, shit just ain’t happen.” There was no mention as to when exactly the drop would take place.