YG Brings Out Stormy Daniels While Performing "FDT" At Camp Flog Gnaw


On this lovely Monday morning, everyone is waking up to two rather entertaining headlines that came out of Day 2 of Camp Flog Gnaw. Tyler, The Creator‘s eighth annual music festival at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium had a stacked lineup set up for Sunday as well as a surprise guest. As we all probably know already, the surprise was Drake and the crowd was not too pleased to see him, rather than their beloved Frank Ocean. Considering the demographic of CFG is largely comprised of people who were wearing tie-dye shirts with satanic kittens on them around 2010, Drake was not their cup of tea. 

Aside from Drake getting boo-ed, another video popping up on social media feeds today is YG bringing out national hero (or enemy, depending on who you ask), Stormy Daniels, during his set. Of course, she joined the Compton rapper to perform his rallying cry, “F*ck Donald Trump (FDT)”. The adult film star gave herself a grand introduction, telling the crowd: “My name is Stormy f*cking Daniels, and I am the reason Donald Trump is f*cked.” YG also asked Daniels to confirm whether she in fact had with the US president over a decade ago, to which she responded: “No, I just laid there.” Daniels, who also possesses expertise as a stripper, then proceeded to gyrate to YG’s hit song in front of a backdrop of not-so-flattering footage of Trump.