YFN Lucci Turns To Twitter For His Social Media Marketing Needs


It's surprising to see an artist so comically clueless about marketing strategies and promotion in this day age where SoundCloud and social media are some the biggest tools for musicians. YFN Lucci sent f a tweet alluding to how his music has dramatically evolved but he is not seeing much difference in his streaming numbers. "First album sold like 20k copy’s sic] first week my shit too hard ion sic] get this new rap shit my shit suppose to did 100k lol," wrote Lucci in regards to the positive response his Ray Ray From Summerhill album.

Fans were quick to reply to him, letting him know that although the album was as hard as YFN says, his promotion could have been more on point. His supporters suggested ways for him to level up his marketing game, including changing his Twitter avatar to the album cover, removing the album from his SoundCloud (as it is currently fered for free on the medium,) and even some unique touring strategies. Lucci took everybody's advice and started pinning tweets referring to the album, changing his header and prile picture and more. He retweeted a slew supporters fering interesting ideas.

Check out YFN's tweets and get in his mentions if you're a social media marketing wizard trying to get known in the industry.