YFN Lucci: "I Hate This Label Sh-t"


YFN Lucci is not having it with any record labels. The Atlanta rapper sounded f on Instagram, letting his supporters know his true feelings toward his label. Gearing up for the release his debut album Ray Ray From Summer Hill tomorrow, it appears as though his label may be giving him some trouble. It's unclear if this is stemming from anything to do with the album release but that is likely given the timing the post. YFN is signed to both Think It's A Game Entertainment and Warner Bros. The former which appeared to be utilizing Lucci to his full potential, with the rapper releasing several EP's in Freda's Son and Long Live Nut, consistently growing his stock and becoming a staple the Atlanta music scene.

The Georgia native is among many to have called out their labels as just yesterday, Skippa Da Flippa sent shots at Quality Control as well as the news that King Louie is suing his label. There has never been a time where it seems more appealing to remain independent as Lucci trashes one his labels, writing, "I HATE THIS LABEL SHIT." 

Hopefully, Ray Ray From Summer Hill still drops tomorrow as it would be a shame for his debut to be pushed back due to label drama. Let us know if you're looking forward to hearing Lucci's first LP and check out his brand new episode  "How To Roll" below.