Yella Beezy Opens Up About Father’s Death In New Documentary


Dallas native, Yella Beezy, is taking fans back to his hometown in his newly released documentary series, Aint No Going Bacc: Yella Beezy Documentary. The five-part series premiered exclusively on XXL yesterday and is already shaping up to be an emotional rollercoaster.

In the first episode, Beezy takes it back to the day he lost his father at just twelve years old. “It was on Mother’s Day. I was turning 13 that October. I just remember we pulled up from like, the back way and my mama parked the car kind of where that orange little cone thing is right there and shit. She was like, ‘Something happened to your daddy.'” He continues, standing outside the boarded-up house, once home to his family, “I guess niggas crept up behind him and hit him up. They was saying that he was laying on his back with his leg up.” Beezy finished with, “I be replaying that night in my head like all the muthafuckin’ time,”

The forthcoming episodes will roll-out on a weekly basis. You’ll be able to catch episode two on XXL’s youtube channel and the last three episodes over on Yella Beezy’s channel. For now, check out the first episode below.