Years & Years Put On an Ultramodern Cabaret in New Video for 'If You're Over Me:' Watch


Synth-pop trio Years & Years are ready to deliver a new kind story. With the video for their last single, “Sanctify,” the group introduced the world to the futuristic society Palo Santo — a world where androids have taken over and are corralling the last remaining humans on Earth to do their bidding.

Now, the group is doubling down on their new storyline with the video for their latest pop banger, “If You’re Over Me.” The video opens with text explaining the entertainment purposes that humans in this future society serve. “The human cabarets Palo Santo are attended by androids, all hoping to experience real emotion,” it reads. “Human performers can find themselves dancing the same routines for weeks … months … years …”

The video follows frontman Olly Alexander as he puts on a hot-and-heavy, glittering, expertly choreographed number for his increasingly captivated audience. Simultaneously, Alexander is seen backstage eyeing and flirting with one his human compatriots as they rehearse their number.

The song itself is an upbeat pop jam about setting the record straight with an ex-lover. “This is a song about trying to stay friends with an ex,” Alexander told NME. “Spoiler alert — it doesn’t ten work. In fact, in my experience, the relationship ten ends up ruined.”

Watch the video for “If You’re Over Me” below: