Years & Years Debut Club-Ready New Single 'All for You'


On Wednesday (June 27), Years & Years released “All for You” as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1. The third single from their upcoming album Palo Santo, this track is one to “get deep on the dance floor and] release your inner demons,” according to frontman Olly Alexander.

Collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Greg Kurstin, Alexander says he aims to rid himself evil spirits, inspired by the incense that inspired the name the album and fictional world behind it.

As a follow-up to Communion, the band has stuck to its devotion to spiritual iconography, though the singer and songwriter himself never came from a religious background. Rather, Alexander became fascinated with religious imagery growing up next to a churchyard.

“I was so yearning to be a part something,” he told Lowe. “I think that's why, obviously, religion is really powerful. All the ritualism and symbolism and I'm just really drawn by all that stuff. And also kind how like obviously traditionally, the church has like very much shut out gay people, I’m kind subverting that a little bit.”

Amplifying the messages the LGBTQ+ community has always been a personal mission for the young, up-and-coming pop singer.

“It feels like really good for me to be able to use my voice, use the platform that I have to speak on the things I care about,” he said. “It feels actually very meaningful.”

Palo Santo will be available to stream Friday. Watch the band perform “If You’re Over Me” on Late Night With Seth Meyers below: