Years & Years Aren't Interested in Staying Friends on Bubbly New Banger 'If You're Over Me': Listen


Years & Years are a hard band to pin down in terms genre. Most their music could be categorized as upbeat synthpop, while many their other tracks falls squarely into the indie-pop genre. But with their new song “If You’re Over Me,” the band proves they're also masters pure bubblegum pop music.

The band released their new single “If You’re Over Me” today (May 10). The upbeat anthem details a situation where a lover is sending mixed messages, in one breath saying that they want to end the relationship, while in the next saying that they want you back. “If that's how you feel then you should go/ Don't come around saying, ‘I still want you,’” frontman Olly Alexander sings.

“If You’re Over Me” will appear on the band’s upcoming album Palo Santo, due out July 6. Audiences have been given clues to the sophomore album’s subject matter — in the video for the previously released track and video for “Sanctify,” fans learned that “Palo Santo” refers to a future society run by androids where humans have gone nearly extinct and become a commodity.

In an interview with Billboard last month, Alexander said that with only 18 months to put together Palo Santo, he certainly has felt the weight expectations from his fans. “I definitely felt it was quite overwhelming thinking, ‘Oh, we’re never going to be able to pull this f,’ and at times it was a real struggle,” he said. “I just wanted it to be the best it could be, you know? So, I put a lot pressure on myself as well.”

Listen to Years and Years’ new pop song “If You’re Over Me” below, and check out the accompanying Spotify vertical video, which shows Alexander in a glittery, sequined suit, dancing around a nightclub and letting his lover know that it’s over once and for all.

we did a lil vertical video for If You're Over Me which you can watch on the #PopList playlist on @spotify yay !

— Years & Years (@yearsandyears) May 10, 2018