YBN Almighty Jay Says He "Cut Off" Blac Chyna


True love is hard to find, especially in the rap game. There’s no shortage songs warning listeners about the dangers loving these hoes. That being said, it did seem that YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna were going strong as a couple, that is, until now. 

During a Zoey Dollaz Instagram Live stream, Jay was spotted in the chat, providing some updates regarding his relationship status. First he writes, “I cut her f bro,” and, “Im a free man.”

No question there as to who he’s referring to, but the news is still surprising. After all, it seemed as though the couple had stuck together through thick and thin, with Jay even throwing a couple knocks during an stroller-swinging fiasco at a Six Flags amusement park.   

Jay seemed very serious about their relationship not too long ago. He admitted that dating Blac Chyna was the most standout moment his career to date, and even went so far as to get on one knee in a joking manner marriage proposal. 

Given the public nature their relationship, and the very informal means that Jay took to announce their break up, it’s possible that Jay could just be trolling again. There hasn’t been any mention the break up on Chyna’s social media, only the continued stream Fashion Nova ads. 

If Jay and Chyna did, in fact, break up, he must be very happy that the baby rumors turned out to be false. Check out Jay’s proclamations down below.