YBN Almighty Jay Says Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian Are On Christian Mingle


Following up on YBN Almighty Jay’s claims last week that he initially met girlfriend Blac Chyna on Christian MingleTMZ caught up with the young rapper to ask him about the comments. Jay continued to preach the good word the lord, saying that he did indeed meet Chyna on the religion-based dating website, adding that many your dream girls are hiding there. Clearly, we’ve been spending too much time on the wrong apps and sites because YBN added that Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose could also be found the medium. 

While many people are untruthful about their age as they get older, Jay says that in order to bag the older women, you need to fib and say you’re a little older than your actual age: “If you too young, the h-es not gon’ f-ck with you. That’s the key.” There is an eleven year age gap between YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna, but that doesn’t appear to bother either one them in the slightest. 

YBN claims that he is not being paid to endorse Christian Mingle, telling everyone to sign up so they can finally find girls like Amber, Chyna or Kim. He may not be getting Christian Mingle money yet, but he closed out his talk with the photographer saying, “I need that check. I’m giving y’all n—as hella attention.” He’s not wrong – at this point, Christian Mingle might want to think about paying up their guy YBN Almighty Jay for all this promotion.