YBN Almighty Jay Accused Of Attacking Alleged Victim In Blac Chyna Fight


Footage surfaced earlier today Blac Chyna getting ready to scrap someone at Six Flags. The footage that surfaced didn’t exactly show who she was trying to fight with but it was enough to know that some shit was about to go down. There was a recent report that said Blac Chyna was triggered after someone referred to her as a hood rat. Now, the alleged victim has come forth to speak on the situation and is claiming that YBN Almighty Jay was also involved.

Alexis, the lady involved in fight with Blac Chyna, claims that YBN Almighty Jay threw some hands during the altercation last night, TMZ reports. In her side the story, she says that she thought the nanny pushing Dream in the stroller was the mother and told her how cute the child was. After touching Dream’s hand, Chyna told her not to touch her kid and a few moments later, Alexis heard that Chyna threatened to beat her up. However, in her story, she says that Chyna didn’t actually fight but YBN Almighty Jay did.

“It escalated from there, her boyfriend ran up and her boyfriend hit me. He was hitting me like I was a boy and he hit on my sister and we were fighting her boyfriend. We weren’t fighting her.” Alexis said.

She also claimed that the security at the amusement park intervened and told everyone to leave the scenario without filing a report. 

Watch the full video below.