Yankee's Aaron Judge Set To Earn $622,300 After 52 Home Run Season


The evolution America’s favorite pastime has seen the sport become a game predicated by the yard ball. Last year, New York Yankees’ rookie Aaron Judge put himself on the map with a record breaking performance for the ages. Not only did he shatter Mark McGwire’s rookie home run record, but he did it by posting a respectable .284 batting average. Pitchers routinely began to throw around him in the lineup as his strikeout rate did little to deter his confidence at the plate.

The peculiar nature this story stems from the fact that his team, the New York Yankees, regularly pay over the luxury tax to maintain a competitive clubhouse. For example, the Yankees are on the hook for Giancarlo Stanton’s 25 million dollar contract for the next decade and a half. That’s quite a discrepancy salary for two players who are likely to bat side by side in the lineup.

Aaron Judge’s meager $622,300 works out to roughly $12,000 per home run during his rookie campaign. Although these types salary constraints are not uncommon for player’s on rookie contracts, it kind boggles the mind to look at those figures with a keen eye. Never the less, Judge will be eligible for salary arbitration after the 2019 season, and we all know he’s going to get his eventually.