XYLØ Premieres 'Don't Panic,' Talks Moving on As a Solo Act


Paige Duddy promises that there's plenty  XYLØ music coming this year. Just not all at once.

XYLØ's new “Don't Panic,” premiering exclusively below, is Duddy's second song since parting ways last year with her brother, Chase. And she tells Billboard there's plenty more where that came from. “I have all the music done that's going to be coming out for the rest the year,” Duddy reports. “There's no album, technically; I really want one, but right now it's just singles. I'm hoping at the end the fall or the beginning next year we'll release a new album. Either way, there's a lot music.”

“Don't Panic” follows “Heaven Only Knows” and is, according to Duddy, more indicative the rest the material than its acoustic guitar-tinged predecessor. “There's a lot real bass, a lot electric guitar but still in that electronic pop way,” Duddy explains. “I wanted 'Heaven Only Knows' to feel raw and stripped-back. But most the other songs are in the same mold as 'Don't Panic,' which I think will feel more familiar to people.” The song itself, meanwhile, was inspired by conversations Duddy had with her best friend about a challenging relationship she was in.

“Most the other music I wrote was kind about relationships and what I was going through at the time,” Duddy says. “I wanted ('Don't Panic') to be more empowering, but without being so on-the-nose with it. I wanted to write a song that felt carefree and cheeky with a message about being young and not wanting to take things so seriously and don't sweat the small stuff, whether that's in a relationship, specifically, or in life in general. I just wanted to write something that felt fun and easygoing.”

Duddy is planning to release a new XYLØ song per month, with a video to accompany each one, and hopes to start playing live later in the year. Duddy's been writing more new music, too, and acknowledges that being on her own has allowed her to be even more productive than before.

“Obviously it was a duo, so there were a lot other factors that weighed in on how we were going to move forward,” Duddy says. “And, honestly, I would complain so much — 'Oh, I just want to release music.' Now I can, and it feels amazing. Everyone has been so supportive. And I still just want to release music. I actually thing everything happens for a reason, and I'm glad it's working out the way it did.”