XXXTentacion’s "?" Gets A Deluxe Double Disc Re-Release


Though XXXTentacion may be gone, his music continues to be celebrated by his loyal fanbase. Though was the last album the young rapper recorded before his death, his prolific work ethic led to no shortage of demos and stencils. While some appeared on the posthumous release Skins, it would appear that Triple X’s estate still has a few on deck. A few days removed from ?’s anniversary, the XXXTentacion estate has officially announced a deluxe, double-disc re-release of the acclaimed album. 

XXXTentacion's "?" Gets A Deluxe Double Disc Re-Release

 Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Disc One features the album in its original state, plus several additional instrumentals. Disc two features a variety of tributes, freestyles, previously released A Ghetto Christmas Carol tracks, and voice memos. The album is set to be released on July 26, in both the digital and vinyl formats. Not only that, but Triple X fans will also have no shortage of new merch designs to choose from, many of which feature eerie depictions of the late rapper; you can peruse your options over at the official XXX shop. 

Check out the tracklist below, and read our official review of right here. 

Disc One 
1. “Introduction (Instructions)”
2. “Alone, Part 3”
3. “Moonlight”
4. “Sad!”
5. “The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)”
6. “Floor 555”
7. “Numb”
8. “Infinity (888)” featuring Joey Bada$$
9. “Going Down!”
10. “Pain = Bestfriend” featuring Travis Barker
11. “$$$” featuring Matt Ox
12. “Love Yourself (Interlude)”
13. “Smash!” featuring PnB Rock
14. “I Don’t Even Speak Spanish LOL”
15. “Changes”
16. “Hope”
17. “Schizophrenia”
18. “Before I Close My Eyes”
19. “Alone, Part 3” (Instrumental)
20. “Moonlight” (Instrumental)
21. “Sad!” (Instrumental)
22. “The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)” (Instrumental)
23. “Floor 555” (Instrumental)
24. “Numb” (Instrumental)
25. “Infinity (888)” featuring Joey Bada$$ (Instrumental)
26. “Going Down!” (Instrumental)
27. “Pain = Bestfriend” featuring Travis Barker (Instrumental)
28. “$$$” featuring Matt Ox (Instrumental)
29. “Love Yourself (Interlude)” (Instrumental)
30. “Smash!” featuring PnB Rock (Instrumental)
31. “I Don’t Even Speak Spanish LOL” (Instrumental)
32. “Changes” (Instrumental)
33. “Hope” (Instrumental)
34. “Schizophrenia” (Instrumental)
35. “Before I Close My Eyes” (Instrumental)

Disc Two
1. “Nocturne (A Tribute to XXXTentacion by Yoko Shimomura)”
2. “Hope (Freestyle)”
3. “Jah on Drums”
4. “Numb (Acoustic)”
5. “#PROUDCATOWNERREMIX” featuring Rico Nasty
6. A Ghetto Christmas Carol
7. “Hate Will Never Win”
8. “Up Like an Insomniac (Freestyle)”
9. “Red Light!”
10. “Indecision”
11. Voice Memo 1 – “Alone, Part 3”
12. Voice Memo 2 – “Sad!”
13. Voice Memo 3 – “Moonlight”
14. Voice Memo 4 – “The Remedy for a Broken Heart”
15. Voice Memo 5 – “Going Down!”
16. Voice Memo 6 – “Changes”
17. Voice Memo 7 – “Before I Close My Eyes”
18. Voice Memo 8 – “Sad!” Video Concept